aloha barcelona


Set in Polynesia, Aloha is a show bar with mini waterfall, logs, hawaiian decoration and background music, perfect to enjoy a quiet and pleasant night with your partner, with friends or at celebrations or events. It is located in one of the most central areas of Barcelona, next to the Universitat metro station. Aloha is ideal to enjoy fruit mixes with or without alcohol, prepared at the moment and served with smoke effect and long canes in exotic ceramics.

Address: Provence Street, 159, 08036 Barcelona
Schedule: Sunday to Thursday 18:00 a 2:30 h, Friday and Saturday of 18:00 a 3:00 h
Phone: 934 51 79 62



The Berimbau is a place that was inaugurated in 1976, and boasts of being the oldest Brazilian bar in Europe. Offers one of the best varieties of cocktails, mixed drinks and mojitos from Barcelona, but also one of the most lively and fun environments, ideal for an afternoon of relaxation or a night of partying and merriment. Every night people of all nationalities gather here, making the Berimbau one of the most authentic cocktail bars in the Born district.

Address: Paseo del Born, 17, 08003 Barcelona
Schedule: Monday to Sunday 18:30 a 24:00 h
Phone: 669 24 69 28


Bloody Mary Cocktail Lounge

Located in the gray area between the bohemian and the business, On the border between the neighborhood of Gràcia and La Diagonal is this ideal place to enjoy a cocktail and an integrating and unique atmosphere. Its extensive menu of classic and signature cocktails, of gins, whiskeys, National and international vodkas and rums will adjust to the taste of any palate. For his part, your playlist with the best classic rock, rockabilly and jazz will also satisfy the ears of many.

Address: Carrer de Ferrer de Blanes, 3, 08012 Barcelona
Schedule: Tuesday to Thursday from 19:00 a 2:00 h, Friday and Saturday of 19:00 a 3:00 h
Phone: 934 61 39 85


Pulitzer terrace Barcelona

Each summer, the top floor of the Hotel Pulitzer floods its terrace with vermouth and music, with live DJ sessions every Saturday and Sunday, from the 12 h from noon to the same sunset. From May to October and under the name Good Afternoon Pulitzer, this place displays an atmosphere of comfortable armchairs, relaxation and informality that will delight anyone.

Address: Bergara Street, 10, 08007 Barcelona
Schedule: Wednesday to Sunday from 18:00 a 00:00 h
Phone: 934 63 61 16


Terrace Bus

Getting on the Terrace Bus is a real pleasure. Combines the presence of a classic red double-decker London bus with a splendid wooden deck with artificial grass, awnings and sun loungers. Its range of cocktails is interspersed with an admirable cultural agenda that includes DJ sessions and powerful concerts at noon and at dusk..

Address: Of. from the coast, 488, 08019 Barcelona
Schedule: Monday through Friday 18:00 a 23:00 h, Saturday and Sunday of 12:00 a 23:00 h
Phone: 616 60 55 11


The Summer Club

In the courtyard of the Frederic Marès Museum, in the Gothic quarter, a quiet corner hides, peaceful and idyllic, away from the bustle, from the stress of the city, of the crowd that travels the most commercial avenues. It is an ideal patio to have a coffee or two, an atypical space where art and the beauty of Gothic architecture merge.

Address: Plaça Sant Iu, 5, 08002 Barcelona
Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 a 22:00 h
Phone: 933 10 30 14


Cassette Bar

Located in the Raval neighborhood, in Ciutat Vella, the Cassette Bar is one of the most popular in Barcelona. In this musical type pub you come to appreciate the best current electronics, but also the hits of the nineties or the independent rhythms that flood the city of Barcelona. A thirty-year-old atmosphere prevails that seeks to spend a relaxed night in a pleasant space with music and a drink in front of. Their gin and tonics are highly recommended.

Address: East Street, 11, 08001 Barcelona
Schedule: Tuesday to Thursday from 19:00 a 0:30 h, Friday of 13:30 a 17:00 and h 19:00 a 3:00 h and saturday of 13:30 a 17:00 and h 20:00 a 3:00 h
Phone: 933 02 85 09


Torre Rosa Cocktail Bar

It seems straight out of a work by Fellini. Torre Rosa receives its visitors through a wrought iron door and integrates them into a cocktail bar located in a centenary Indian house.. Its large terrace with garden, rendered at the foot of palm trees and pines, recreate the perfect setting to sip a precisely crafted cocktail on a summer night while admiring the architecture of the building and breathing in the almost cinematic atmosphere.

Address: Carrer de Francesc Tàrrega, 22, 08027 Barcelona
Schedule: Monday to Sunday 18:00 a 1:00 h
Phone: 933 40 88 54


The Garden of the Soul

The recent renovation of this outdoor space has created a versatile place of sophistication, privacy, recollection and tranquility, but also informality, perfect to enjoy your assortment of cocktails and snacks among the intense green of its plants.

Address: C. from Mallorca, 271, 08008 Barcelona
morning: Monday to Sunday 7:00 a 11:00 h
Late: Monday to Sunday 13:00 a 16:00 h
Night: Monday to Sunday 20:00 a 23:00 h
Phone: 932 16 44 78



It is about, simply, an ideal place to live an original and fun evening. Inaugurated in 2007, Icebarcelona quickly became a classic in Barcelona, being a bar made entirely of ice (walls, furniture, bar…). Here you can enjoy the drink you like at a temperature of 5 Under zero grades, sheathed, courtesy of the local itself, in modern arctic coats with fur and gloves.

Address: Carrer de Ramon Trias Fargas, 2, 08005 Barcelona
Schedule: Wednesday to Sunday from 15:00 a 1:00 h
Phone: 932 24 16 25

kahiki barcelona


This place represents a journey through Hawaiian flavors and environments without leaving Barcelona. Only the facade of the premises already invites you to let yourself go, and the interior drags the Pacific Polynesian hopelessly: bamboo poles, soft light, soft background music ...

Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 581, 08011 Barcelona
Schedule: Monday to Sunday 18:30 a 3:00 h
Phone: 933 23 18 83

La-Alcoba-Azul barcelona

The Blue Alcove

La Alcoba Azul is a cozy and dynamic cocktail bar, since it does not stop undergoing transformations in its vintage type decoration, made by its own owners with precious antique objects. Old restored woods dominate the premises among books, centenary paintings and candles. In its menu the mojitos stand out, los gin-tonics, the cocktails, selection of beers and wines. All these elements are accompanied by a jazz musical atmosphere, blues, swing, flamenco, bugalú, soul and the kindness and friendliness of the staff.

Address: C / de Salomó ben Adret, 14, 08002 Barcelona
Schedule: Wednesday to Monday from 18:00 a 00:00 h
Phone: 933 02 81 41


La Caseta del Migdia

Terrace where the good atmosphere commands, good weather and the best views of the city of Barcelona, all this focused on enjoying a wonderful sunset from the heights. It is an impressive and emblematic place, a small oasis located in the Mirador del Castillo de Montjuic, a few meters from the city.

Address: Mirador del Migdia, s/n, 08038 Barcelona
Schedule: Thursday and Friday of 20:00 a 00:00 h, Saturday of 12:00 a 00:00 h, Sunday of 12:00 a 23:00 h
Phone: 693 99 27 60



For some time now, the Merbeyé has not been the stronghold of the social and creative elite of the city of Barcelona that Loquillo immortalized in his song "El Cadillac Solitario". Nevertheless, its menu of magnificent cocktails and assorted gin and tonics, its vintage and parisian design, its views from the slope of Tibidabo ... retain a charm that survives the passage of time.

Address: Doctor Andreu Square, 2, 08035 Barcelona
Schedule: Tuesday 16:00 a 00:00 h, Wednesday and Thursday 10:00 a 2:00 h, Friday and Saturday of 10:00 a 3:00 h, Sunday of 10:00 a 1:00 h
Phone: 934 17 92 79



Enjoying creative cocktails and one of the best panoramic views of Barcelona is the flagship of the MiraBlau. Here one can come to dance, to sing or relax in the best nightlife, in which different generations of people come together who are very clear that fun does not understand age.

Address: Doctor Andreu Square, s/n, 08035 Barcelona
Schedule: Monday through Friday 11:00 a 1:00 h, Saturday and Sunday of 10:00 a 1:00 h
Phone: 934 18 58 79


New Corner 169

The New Corner 169 It can be the gateway to a night that becomes very long, or the relief of those who wish to return home early. It is an ideal place to have a few first drinks and be accompanied by exquisite live music with friends and acquaintances.

Address: Carrer de Casanova, 169, 08036 Barcelona
Schedule: Friday and Saturday of 22:00 a 3:00 h
Phone: 669 97 84 05

terraza-83.3 barcelona

Terrace 83.3

The views offered by the Terrace 83.3 of the Hotel Royal Passeig de Gràcia as soon as you get out of the elevator are simply impressive: on the right, at the right time, the sunset over Montjuic will blind the sense of whoever observes it; on the left the banner of the Sagrada Familia will do the same; and in front, the warmth of the Mediterranean Sea. The place, further, it is heated and covered by a glass roof, so it is enjoyable at every time of the year, and its spectacular cocktail menu only reinforces this feeling.

Address: Passeig de Gràcia, 84, 08008 Barcelona
Phone: 937 37 00 10

wet-deck barcelona

Wet Deck

DJ sessions, preparation of daring live cocktails and the dim light of the sunset mix in this enclave overlooking the Mediterranean from the Barcelona breakwater with impressive views of the beaches of Sant Sebastià and Barceloneta. Here, next to the pool of the Hotel W, getting addicted to lounge music is almost inevitable.

Address: Rosa Del Vents Square 1, Final, Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 08039 Barcelona
Phone: 932 95 28 00


sala-apolo barcelona

Apolo Room

It is one of the most historic nightclubs in Barcelona, and hosts some of the most famous festivals in the city. Its atmosphere is modernist, away from the mundane, close to the transgressor. Music flows with every celebration, And it goes from indie and pop to dancehall, Afrobeat and reggaeton, through the best producers and DJs of electronic music on the international scene.

Address: Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 113, 08004 Barcelona
Phone: 934 41 40 01

sala bikini barcelona


Room accessed by crossing a long covered walkway that is full of small hidden corners, elegant and sophisticated. Saturdays, Bikini brings together a whole range of lovers of electronic music and Deep House in a melodic and deep atmosphere. The rest of the days it offers commercial music in a more relaxed environment, preferred for college party organizers.

Address: L'Illia, Diagonal Avenue, 547, 08029 Barcelona
Schedule: Thursday 0:00 a 5:00 h, Friday and Saturday of 0:00 a 6:00 h
Phone: 933 22 08 00


City Hall Disco Club

CityHall open almost every day (except sunday) and offers mainly electronic music and the perfect atmosphere to lose heart. Old theater, retains in its interior design the classicism of the red velvet curtains and the high ceilings with an exceptional lighting and sound system that will hit your attendees at both hits and techno parties, house y minimal.

Address: Rambla de Catalunya, 2, 4, 08007 Barcelona
Schedule: Sunday to Thursday 0:00 a 5:00 h, Friday and Saturday of 0:00 a 6:00 h
Phone: 660 76 98 65


Input – High Fidelity Dance Club

A sound network of large magnitudes worthy of any first-rate festival makes the INPUT room the best place in the city to listen to electronic music. This system, fused with its large LED screen that leaves no one indifferent, makes the only concerns that assail its attendees are dancing and unleashing the imagination while enjoying a very complete artistic program by numerous promoters.

Address: Of. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 13, 08038 Barcelona


Jamboree Jazz & Dance Club

Located in the fullness of Las Ramblas, Jamboree delights all lovers of hip-hop music since the year 1992. In this room you can breathe an air that combines local and international audiences, especially from central and northern Europe, under the umbrella of the R&B, urban trap or the most underground reggaetón - a leitmotif to which he is faithful, practically without exception, the 365 days of the year–.

Address: Royal Square, 17, 08002 Barcelona
Phone: 933 04 12 10


Macarena Club

The best microclub in Barcelona. With a capacity limited to only 84 people, high fidelity sound and open seven days a week, it is a place where alternative electronic music is worshiped and no attention is paid to appearances: techno, electro, EBM, leftfield house, nu disco… niche proposals for demanding ears.

Address: Carrer Nou de Sant Francesc, 5, 08002 Barcelona
Schedule: Sunday to Thursday 0:00 a 5:00 h, Friday and Saturday of 0:00 a 6:00 h
Phone: 933 01 30 64

moog barcelona


Since 20 years, Moog is the heart that pumps electronic music in Barcelona, one of the most historic clubs in the city. He takes his attendees to the most underground rave atmosphere of Berlin halls through an industrial techno reproduced at high revolutions, in a much more intimate environment than other large rooms. further, open, without exception, everyday, from Mondays to Sundays.

Address: Carrer del l’Arc del Teatre, 3, 08002 Barcelona
Schedule: Sunday to Thursday 0:00 a 5:00 h, Friday and Saturday of 0:00 a 6:00 h
Phone: 933 19 17 89

opium barcelona


By Opium they pass, each summer, the most acclaimed DJs on the commercial electronic scene: David Guetta, Tiesto, Armin van Buuren… which makes this room the best place to enjoy the EDM scene (Electronic Dance Music). Enjoy a capacity for 3.000 people and a huge terrace overlooking the Barceloneta beach, where young people from all over the world mix in a classy environment, but unpretentious.

Address: Paseo Marítimo de la Barceloneta, 34, 08003 Barcelona
Schedule: Monday to Sunday 17:00 a 2:00 h
Phone: 932 21 32 24

otto-zutz barcelona

Otto Zutz

Located in the Gracia neighborhood, this place is defined as the club of the people of Barcelona. It is a historical space frequented by famous personalities. Each night, the place dresses in luxury and elegance to give the best of the hip-hop scene, of panorama R&B and the biggest hits in dance and house music. It preserves an intimate and clandestine spirit that is difficult to find in the rest of the city's nightclubs.

Address: Lincoln Street, 15, 08006 Barcelona
Schedule: Thursday to Saturday from 23:30 a 6:00 h
Phone: 932 38 07 22


Pacha Barcelona

The world-renowned brand Pacha brings a piece of Ibiza to the Olympic Port of Barcelona. The place is located near the Barceloneta beach and gives off a casual and elegant aura that adapts to each of the seven days of the week in which it opens to different electronic musical genres: trap, reggaeton, house, techno, minimal…

Address: Ramon Trias Fargas, 2, 08005 Barcelona
Schedule: Sunday to Thursday 0:00 a 5:00 and h 12:00 a 23:45 h, Friday and Saturday of 0:00 a 6:00 and h 12:00 a 23:45 h
Phone: 647 83 57 51



Undoubtedly, one of the hundred best nightclubs in the world. Also one of the places where it is easier to get lost. The Razzmatazz room is an old textile factory made up of five rooms with different musical programs, a gigantic labyrinth where artists of the stature of Coldplay have performed, Orbital, The Strokes, Kanye West, Blur, Richie Hawtin, Kraftwerk, Justice o Skrillex.

Address: Carrer dels Almogàvers, 122, 08018 Barcelona

shoko barcelona


Nights in Shôko tend to get short. They are famous for the originality of their parties and events, so it is usually a meeting place after holding certain concerts, the premiere of movies or, usually, the visit of celebrities. El hip-hop, el R&B and commercial music hits are interwoven with unforgettable and glamorous moments that have featured international artists such as Lil Wayne and Kaaris.

Address: Paseo Marítimo de la Barceloneta, 36, 08005 Barcelona
Schedule: Monday to Sunday 13:00 a 1:00 h
Phone: 932 25 92 00

terrrazza barcelona

La Terrrazza

Here it comes, literally, to dance under the stars in the courtyard of a castle on the top of a mountain ... without leaving the center of Barcelona. It is a perfect place to impress friends and visitors with an atmosphere that takes more than 20 years giving off good energy to the sound of a great selection of electronic music.

Address: Of. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, s/n, 08038 Barcelona
Schedule: Friday and Saturday of 0:00 a 6:00 h
Phone: 687 96 98 25


la-ultima-farra barcelona

The Last Farra

Since 1992, La Ultima Farra company has specialized in organizing all kinds of bachelorette parties, wishing to make these something unique, personalized and lasting in the memory of your assistants. Thus, they bet on original packs that include catamaran trips, shows and other celebrations.



Hangover in Barcelona

From classic dinner plans to hilarious gymkanas, Hangover in Barcelona offers the best bachelor party plans, proposing great options without having to worry about logistics and at competitive prices, conjugating the party, good mood and fun.




Tibidabo amusement park

The Tibidabo amusement park is a symbol of the city of Barcelona, a thematic space with more than one hundred years -it was officially inaugurated in 1901- which has undergone numerous changes. The first great attraction was the funicular that connected the city with the mountain. Today it has more than 30 attractions for all ages, shows and all kinds of services: restoration centers, dining rooms, picnic areas ...

Address: Tibidabo Square, 3, 4, 08035 Barcelona
Schedule: Friday through Sunday 12:00 a 21:00 h
Phone: 932 11 79 42


Port Aventura Park

Located in the province of Tarragona, a 110 km southwest of Barcelona, Port Aventura is the most famous theme and leisure complex in Catalonia, and also one of the largest in Europe, competing directly with Euro Disney. It is divided into six regions with fascinating and unique settings: Mediterrania, Polynesia, China, Mexico, Sesame Adventure and Far West, each with its quirks and dedicated attractions. From Barcelona, there are several ways in which you can get, highlighting the R16 train line or the dedicated bus service that departs from Carrer de Balmes, 5.

Address: Avinguda de l’Alcade Pere Molas, s/n, 43840, Tarragona
Schedule: Monday to Sunday 10:30 a 20:00 h
Phone: 902 20 22 20

aquarium barcelona

L'Aquarium de Barcelona

The Barcelona Aquarium is one of the most important aquariums in the world. It houses more than 11.000 fish and sea creatures 450 different species. It is divided into three zones: the mediterranean, the tropical and the oceanarium, a gigantic aquarium of 36 meters in diameter and 5 meters deep under which runs a glass tube of 80 meters that provide privileged views of various types of sharks, stripes, brunettes, golden ...

Address: of the Old Port, Dock of Spain, s/n, 08039 Barcelona
Schedule: Monday to Sunday 11:00 a 19:00 h
Phone: 932 21 74 74